Just Right: Trusting God with Your Life

“The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not want.” Psalm 23:1

This particular verse may seem small, it can easily become lost behind the other verses of Psalm 23. However, it is this profound declaration of God’s identity that sets the tone for the remaining text. The psalmist acknowledges the LORD as a shepherd, a word synonymous to pilot, leader, escort, and guide and if this is who the LORD is to you, it immediately makes you the opposite of these words- a follower and some who comes after, goes behind and trails. Now do you see why those five words are profound?  The LORD truly is my shepherd and that is how I have been so many great places. My mind could only desire places I had seen but letting God lead me, he took me to places I never knew existed. I can truly say this is a verse to live by because once you come to trust God, the easier following Him will be.

One way that helps me see this scripture in modern day is by reflecting on the trips to the store and the mall when I was a little kid; just as we would begin to unfasten our seat belts, mom would say, ‘We are only going for  [something specific]” then she would say, ‘You. Don’t. Want. Anything.” (haha remember those days?) How wrong she was? As soon as I entered I saw so many things I wanted. From the moment we walked inside, I would see things everywhere- shiny things, big things, fun things…but whenever I asked for something she would turn to me and say, ‘You don’t want anything.'” Naturally, this would cause me to drop my head fall, my face would become sad and I am mos certain there were some tears (I knew better than to throw a real tantrum). But you see, back then I was too young to understand that the things I would pick out for myself were temporary so I should trust what my mom would pick out for me. My mother’s words were wrong though because I did want stuff, I wanted a lot of stuff but it was the meaning behind her words that were right.

Here was the person who had been eating right, taking care of me and exercising from the moment she discovered she was pregnant with me. For years before I even knew this toy or candy would exist, she had been taking care of my needs. Her life was based around doing everything that needed to be done to be sure I was a happy healthy kid because she loved me. I always knew she loved me because I felt it, every time I cried or was sick I would always run to her and she was always there for me just as God is always there for us too. Before we were born, He sent His son so we could live joyous, grace-filled lives yet we go through life throwing tantrums and finding ourselves frustrated at the Him because we are not getting what we want.We have no idea what we want may not be what we need but God does. This is why He allows the tantrums, grunts, slammed doors and silent treatments. He loves us and cares for us so He wants us to step out the door into world acknowledging there may be some things we think we want but trust in what God gives because it will be better than what we think we want. Everything He does in your life is for your good. You will never have more problems than you can handle and you can always trust you will have unmeasurable grace, mercy and blessings. He has given you a life just right for you and that is better than anything we could choose for ourselves.

I encourage you to let the LORD be your shepherd today! Once you do, you will be glad you did!

Stay blessed and be a blessing, until next time!



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