Being a Good Man: Being Boaz


Dear Young Men,

The story of Ruth and Boaz has been one of hope for many women for years. They feel if they become the Proverbs 31 women they will find their Boaz but the problem women are having today is they are being transformed into the Proverbs 31 woman but the skills they have been equipped with are being wasted on men who are not equipped to need them. (It’s basically having the top tools in the tool box with nothing to use them on). This is because not all young men are not taught how to act to meet their Ruth. So, here are some helpful tips to transform men, young and “old-er” into the Boaz the women of the world are looking for:

  1. Boaz is a business owner

This is so important because it is the first thing we learn about Boaz after discovering he is kin to Naomi. In Ruth 2:1,3 learns about his occupation, not his shoe game or how many kids he has. His reputation preceded him and it was a good one. Young men please understand yes it is important to have a good physical appearance because physical attraction is important in any relationship but have more to offer than a closet full of shoes. His money went toward establishing a life for himself. He was the man in charge of a LEGAL business. He managed his money well, saved and was able to have employees. His business was successful and it attracted a woman looking for a man who was a leader, not a loser.Men, when women see you respected at work it is a turn on. Put your best foot forward and think about the future goals not your weekend goals

2. Boaz, a godly man

Young men notice in Ruth 2:4 Boaz approaches the field blessing those around him. He was not yelling, rapping a derogatory song nor cursing. The first words out his mouth are not even about himself but glorify God and they are a prayer to the people he has encountered. One of the worst turn-offs are men who only know how to have a conversation rapping songs and cursing. Use your words to share your intelligence, preach God’s word and draw others toward you not push them away.

3. Boaz has a trustworthy and knowledgeable circle

Ruth 2:4, 6-7 The servants greet him with a blessing. He is an emloyer who the employees greet happily, they do not dread his appearance nor look down. Co-workers, colleagues and assistants can speak volumes about your character. What do your co-workers have to say to your date, girlfriend or wife when you are not around? Are you the guy in the office leading others to be better or are you the dead weight?

Another key person is the servant of Boaz turned to (remember he owns the field so imagine the pressure on this servant when the boss comes around asking questions about the new girl he did not hire) was alert. As soon as the question was asked, Boaz had a detailed answer of what happened. Have you surrounded yourself with people who you can trust to keep an eye on your business when you are gone or do things fall a part every time you step away? Maybe it is time to find a better group of friends.

4. Boaz was protective and wise

Ruth 2:8-10 speaks of Boaz’s plan to keep Ruth protected while she worked. He is aware of what could happen to her so he establishes healthy boundaries and communicates them to her so they are in agreeance. He also speaks to the men to communicate to others how to treat Ruth. At this moment she is only his servant and yet he respects her and leads by example when he expects the other men to respect her as well.

5. Boaz acknowledges her as a child of God

Ruth 2:12 He watches how she works and has received more information about her, he realizes she has a servant’s heart. This is key because he does not use this information about her home life to take advantage of he but instead prays for the LORD to fulfill her. This is his second acknowledgement of God. The first was directed to his servants and know he is telling Ruth he sees she has been sent from God, not as a pick-up line but as a true believer whose eyes have been opened to the glory of God.

6. Boaz asks her out

Ruth 2:14 This is so important today because this is the time to social media. Men it is completely UNATTRACTIVE to give your number and/or say let’s hang out some time. When these are the words that come out of your mouths, you prove you are not a leader and do not stand up for what you want. If you are interested say I would like to get to know you more, can we go to dinner some time? A date scheduled through a verbal conversation is much more likely to start out successfully than one that occurs via text or DM. Verbal dates show the woman you are a man who is willing to assert himself. This moment is what separates the men from the boys. Be a man and ask her out, it is romantic, sweet and your voice will play over and over again in her mind. A text message is dull and akward. Step it up men, you can do it. You will be glad you did.


*I am fully aware there are men who have done the things I have shared are turn-offs and have girlfriends and/or wives however if you did not have to work for her odds are you will not appreciate having her. Most often the girls who are entertained by that childish immaturity become baby mamas and soon after the relationship, men are quick to label as crazy. Save yourself, her and a child the drama by stepping up to be the man God has planned for you to be and be the Boaz to one Ruth.


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