Spotlight: Chaplain Support for the Military

Recently, I have become interested in military chaplaincy and I came across this video this morning. I am guilty of walking in my freedom forgetting the men and women who sacrifice their lives for me. But thank God for touching my heart and reminding me to pray the Lord’s prayer for all mankind. So today please join me in praying for protection and a spirit of love, power and a sound mind over our military heroes. May God continue to cover them, lead, guide and protect them so they may return to us victorious, unharmed and alive. In Jesus name, Amen.

Also, if you are interested in learning more about how you can help our military brothers and sister here is a video of military chaplains explaining how you can help.

Also, be sure to contact your local chaplain to find how your school, church or organization can help support troops and their families near and far.


God Bless


Spotlight: Catholic Heart Workcamp


Last month, a group of high school students from Catholica Heart Workcamp (@HEARTWorkcamp) took a road trip to Wichita to help serve in any way that was needed. These students willingly devoted a week of their summer to go improve our community. I was amazed to be on the receiving end of their dedication. They came and hedged the fence line in our backyard, repainted a severely faded shed, cut the grass, fixed siding and painted my entire house.

These are all things I have desired to have done for a long time but due to lack of money have been unable. These students worked together with smiles and a commitment to lend a helping hand in the name of Jesus Christ.

It was a blessing to meet and sit with them. We were able to discuss what their experience has been like, why they recommit each year and their future aspirations. We prayed, listened to praise and worship music and all together extended our family in Christ.

All of these young people have great futures ahead of them and I pray for wisdom, love and protection encompass them on their journey. Thank you to them all for all of their hard work.

(If you are interested in receiving help or joining Catholic Heart Work Camp visit their site for more information: Also you can follow them on Twitter @HEARTWorkcamp, Facebook and YouTube. :)

Check out the slideshow to see their hardwork.

May God bless you all

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