My Testimony

He gave His life for me so I could live.


Counting My Blessings

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One assignment I had at the beginning of my program was to count my blessings. I generally was a person who thanked God for things in the moment but this was the first time I had just sat and taken time to consistently thank God for all the things He had done. By thinking of the blessings God had given me, it was easy to feel joy. The goal was to get to 50 and that I did.

(I will preface the list below by sharing this was the first time I had ever sat down to write down a list of things I am thankful for. My maturity and appreciation have grown since this was originally done. Check back soon for a new “Counting My Blessings” post.)

Below is my list of what I am grateful for, this list is a lot shorter than how blessed I really am!

  1. Knowing God
  2. My family
  3. Friends
  4. Education
  5. Teach for America
  6. Sunsets
  7. Visiting the Eiffel Tower twice
  8. Relaxing on Venezuela’s beaches
  9. Passport
  10. Learning Spanish
  11. My students and their families
  12. Ability to read, write and do math
  13. BBQ
  14. Lived in NYC (Brooklyn)
  15. Be bi-cultural
  16. Trip to Brazil
  17. Athleticism
  18. Singers
  19. My church homes (here and away)
  20. Love songs
  21. Gospel Music
  22. Mobility of my limbs
  23. Skype
  24. Rolling chairs and floor mats
  25. Fluffy cold pillow
  26. NY Pepperoni Pizza
  27. Mexican/ Venezuelan Food
  28. Avocados
  29. My sorority: Alpha Xi Delta
  30. My car
  31. My home
  32. India Arie
  33. Stevie Wonder
  34. Basketball
  35. Prayer Life
  36. Jesus
  37. Inspirational Quotes
  38. People who send inspirational quotes
  39. Motivational songs
  40. Love
  41. NY transit system
  42. Sunglasses
  43. A determined mind
  44. A curious mind
  45. Passion for success
  46. Having been in love
  47. Sunday School
  48. My mom’s job
  49. Curly hair moisturizer
  50. Curly hair detangling brushes