Chronicle: Sleep

This week was a great week of dreams.  I have been going through a major life change, I gave up my life of international travel and independence to move home and eventually, enroll in school. This decision has had more of an impact on me emotionally than I expected and it was affecting my sleep. Since I have been more active and have decided to embrace this new opportunity in my life, my dreams returned to me. My lack of sleep and awkward sleep pattern blocked my head with worries and regrets. But now I am able to embrace the new changes in my life and I am filled with all the wonders of my future. Now, my thoughts encourage and inspire me instead of depressing me.  God has room now to  show to me plans for my life through my dreams. This past week, I dreamed about old friends from college, special family members and just other visions that when I reflect on them, bring me to smile.
This assignment taught me to make sleep a priority. I did not let my sleep time become based on whatever time was left after I did all my other things on my to-do list. I set a goal for myself and, no matter what I was doing or still needed to do, I was going to be sleep at 10 p.m. By doing setting a goal for myself this week, my first thoughts in the mornings were thoughts of happiness and not grouchiness due to lack of sleep. Three times this past week, I woke up before my alarm, with time to relax before jumping into the day and I woke up glad to be awake. In the past, without adequate sleep, my first thought was “No! I want to go back to sleep.” My first thoughts were not toward God and I was not thankful to be alive and awake, instead I was beginning each day complaining and grumbling. This week taught me to have a gracious attitude because blessings are upon us as soon as I wake up and it is up to me to notice how blessed I am from the beginning of my day until the end.